TIL 009 – Redefining Success: Career Change and Life Purpose with Michelle Mcloughlin

Today, we are joined by the inspiring Michelle Mcloughlin, a purpose coach who is committed to helping individuals discover their true life’s purpose.

In our conversation, Michelle and I explore:

  • Michelle’s coaching process, which involves identifying skills, passions, values, and then merging these aspects into a fulfilling career path.
  • Michelle’s journey from a corporate job to finding her true calling as a purpose coach. She emphasizes that it’s never too late to reassess and refocus, and that societal expectations should never overshadow personal fulfillment.
  • The importance of persistence in self-improvement, constant learning and evolution, and the value of finding variety in your life as much as possible.
  • The power of saying ‘no’ and maintaining boundaries, seeing it as a sign of deep self-awareness and alignment with one’s purpose. 

Tune in for a discussion that’s sure to inspire you to chase your dreams, no matter where you are in life.

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