Live your best life… today

I help others to Get fit, Find fulfillment and live a life of freedom.

Live your best life... today

I help others to get fit, find fulfillment and live a life of freedom.

The Three Pillar Program (P3)™
P3 is a complete, holistic process anyone can follow to:


Physical fitness
Mental Health
Social life


Career & Purpose


Financial independence
Quality of life
Giving back
Start wherever you're at today

I’ve designed the P3 program to help you diagnose what’s holding you back from your best life, give clear structure, and options to dive increasingly deeper in your journey.

Across all levels, P3 provides access to a community of others who are ready and willing to support you in your journey.


Join the community, attend monthly meetings, access foundation courses & challenges and kick start your journey.


Dive deeper with courses for each pillar (fitness, fulfillment & freedom), join others at quarterly & annual events and get serious in masterminds.


Realize complete transformation with 1-on-1 accountability sessions.
about ladek

Ok, ok, ok… you’re probably wondering, “who is this guy, any way?” 

Just like you, there are many different ways I might answer that question as an husband, father, entrepreneur, explorer, etc. 

I prefer to really get to know the people I work with, so I’ll honor the same for you…

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The Three Pillar Program (3P) is a no-stress, self paced, holistic approach to creating essential foundations for life-long happiness. Get started today:


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