About Ladek

One version of my story

About Ladek

One Version Of My Story

I'm not here to "sell" you...

My hope is that, if you’ve found this page, I’ll be able to connect with you in a meaningful way.

The funny part is that we’re all at different places in our life journey. We’re all looking for, and in need of, different things. And so, “meaningful” comes in many shapes, sizes, colors and flavors.

Here’s one version of my story…

I’m orignially from Colorado. Denver suburbs. But I left there in 1999 in pursuit of “something bigger” thanks to an angel offer from a person who is still one of my good friends and mentors. While Colorado still is and always will be “home,” I personally never looked back.

I bounced between Washington, DC and the New York area from 2000 – 2004. Until, one magical evening, I met Dana Graber, the woman who has now been my partner in crime since December 4th, 2004. She’s an incredible rock star in her own right.

We knew we wanted to live the path less traveled, and for us, this meant becoming global citizens. So we left the US in October 2005 and have since lived in:

Jordan 2005 – 2008
Hungary 2008 – 2011
Costa Rica 2011 – 2016
Thailand 2016 – 2020
Mexico – 2020 – present day

We have three kids. They’re amazing and I love being a father.

We’ve followed Dana’s career around the world as Turtle Nomads since 2005. Because of this (and thankfully so), I’ve had to “make it up as we go” as an entrepreneur. I’m one of the original digital nomads, going on 20 years now. And, it’s worked out fairly well.

Here’s a bit of my professional flex:

I’ve had 4 exits from companies I’ve founded, co-founded or purchased

International Solutions Group 2018
BKK Kids
MoodleNews / LMSPulse

I have worked in more than 40 countries and I’ve effected change at the C-suite and Congressional / Parlimentary level, while also serving those who are most in need. I’m just as comfortable working in war zones (Iraq) and 3rd tier medical centers (Unganda) as I am presenting and delivering to CEOs and Congresspeople. Oh, and yes, the pay has been good as well.

My favorite hobby is my Rock n Roll band in Mexico City.