TIL 010 – Making Finance Fun: a Guide to Healthy Money Habits with Joe Saul-Sehy

Today, I have the honor of hosting Joe Saul-Sehy, a former financial planner turned successful podcast host, who has a fascinating journey of personal finance transformation.

In our conversation, Joe and I discuss:

  • Joe’s journey from struggling with personal finance to becoming a successful financial planner and podcast host who highlights the importance of visualizing and planning for our end goals.
  • The significance of good cash flow management, establishing financial controls, and holding consistent, short weekly meetings with oneself and/or partner to keep financial goals on track.
  • The Importance of making financial conversations fun, and the dangers of relying on one person for all of your financial knowledge.
  • Joe’s book “Stacked: Your Super Serious Guide to Modern Money Management” and underscored the importance of developing healthy financial habits for a fulfilling life journey.

Tune in to learn more about creating healthy financial habits for a fulfilling life journey.

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