TIL 011 – Unpacking the Complexities of Spiritual Awakening with Mary Haberski

In today’s episode, I have the pleasure of speaking with Mary Haberski, a spiritual development guide and healer. Mary shares her personal journey, the highs and lows of spiritual awakening, and the importance of understanding one’s “human messiness”.

During our conversation, Mary and I delve into: 

  • Mary’s personal journey in spiritual development, emphasizing that spiritual awakening is a process that involves both highs and lows and requires courage to face the accompanying pain and challenges.
  • The roadblocks many people face during their spiritual journey, including the discomfort of change, pain from past experiences, and potential changes in personal relationshipsk.
  • The importance of facing and understanding one’s “human messiness” in order to overcome these obstacles, and highlighted the role of meditation in maintaining mental and emotional balance.
  • Different types of meditation practices, emphasizing that daily meditation can lead to greater self-awareness and insight.

Tune in for this deep dive into personal growth and the journey of spiritual awakening.

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