TIL 012 – Healthy Living Over 50: The Science of Building Muscle with Richard Kirwan

In this episode, I’m privileged to have Richard Kirwan, a respected nutritionist and current PhD candidate at John Moores University.

During our conversation, Richard and I discuss: 

  • Richard’s work as a nutritionist and his focus on helping older individuals — particularly those who have had heart attacks —build muscle through diet and exercise.
  • The unique challenges that older people face regarding fitness, the importance of resistance exercise and a higher protein intake for maintaining and building muscle.
  • The benefits of Mediterranean-style diets and the importance of making small, sustainable lifestyle changes for overall health.
  • The vital role of community support and finding a personal “why” or long-term health-oriented goal as key factors in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and making sustainable changes.

Join us in this enriching discussion about the path to a healthier lifestyle.

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