TIL 008 – Journey to Enlightenment: Transforming Pain into Purpose with Joey De La Cruz

Today I’m joined by Joey de la Cruz, an author, meditation practitioner, and a dedicated seeker of knowledge. His journey is a testament to the power of self-discovery, personal growth, and the transformative potential of spirituality intertwined with science.

In our conversation, we explore:

  • Joey’s spiritual journey, catalyzed by a deeply personal loss and a transformative year-long trip across South America.
  • The importance of confronting one’s pain, which was a pivotal realization that led to a significant turning point in Joey’s life.
  • The defining moments in Joey’s spiritual journey, his book “Paths to Pachamama” and the grounding role of science in making abstract spiritual concepts measurable and comprehensible.
  • The process of overcoming limiting beliefs and the importance of maintaining foundational spiritual practices into our daily routines.

This episode is an invitation to explore the depths of self-love, personal potential, and the ongoing journey towards self-actualization.

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