TIL 007 – From Shadows to Light: Overcoming Childhood Trauma with Allyson Roberts

In this episode, I’m excited to be joined by Allyson Roberts, a cognitive-behavioral expert who helps people build a better understanding of their inner child.

In this discussion, Allyson and I explore:

  • How Allyson discovered trauma from her childhood was affecting her adult life, which started her exploration in this area.
  • The path Allyson took in order to help people build an understanding of their inner child so they can embrace their spiritual growth.
  • Allyson then talks about the common qualities of her clients who are beginning to find or create balance in their lives, emphasizing that there is no finish line in one’s spiritual journey.
  • We end our conversation with Allyson advising us to always be prepared for revisiting past emotions and to pay attention to things in life that are begging for our attention.

Join us on this transformative conversation and learn how to embrace your spiritual journey and find true balance in your life.

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