TIL 006 – Selfless Growth: How to Find True Fulfillment Through Service with Robert Strock

In this episode, I’m thrilled to have a conversation with Robert Strock, a teacher, psychotherapist, author, and humanitarian known for his unique approach to communication, contemplation, and inquiry. With his global mindset, Robert has made a profound impact in the fields of personal growth, community development, and emotional intelligence.

In this insightful conversation, Robert and I explore:

  • The importance of embracing love and connection and the significance of independent thinking when making critical life decisions.
  • Robert’s involvement in the NGO and humanitarian sector, with a focus on community-building. We also discuss the Global Bridge Foundation, which supports women in developing countries through microfinance loans.
  • The transition from being motivated by money and recognition to prioritizing service, happiness, and the pursuit of a better world.
  • Perseverance, discovering one’s will and heart, listening to your inner voice, and embracing your unique path in life.

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