TIL 003 – Understanding your intuition with Gabriela Alziari

Are you ready to unlock the power of your intuition ? Join me in this episode with Gabriela Alziari, a reiki master, coach, and spiritual guide who is also an expert in understanding the body and how it can be used as a gateway into connecting to our intuition. 

Gabriela and I discuss: 

  • Gabriela’s journey from leadership coaching to mediumship and spiritual coaching
  • How the body is a gateway into understanding your intuition because of the connection between the brain and the gut.
  •  We then discuss why practicing automatic is a great tool to ask specific questions to your spirit team, connect with your guides and get clarity.
  •  We end our conversation talking about why Gabriela encourages people to trust in their intuitive downloads and witness the changes that happen when they do.

I hope you’ll be inspired by this conversation and start or continue your own journey of discovery.

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