TIL 002 – From Dad Bod to Fit Dad a Permanent Solution for Busy Men with Steve Lutsk

In this episode, I talk with Steve Lutsk, an inspirational bodybuilder, personal trainer and influencer, who has used his own life experience to help, “busy men lose their Dad bods permanently”.  His exercise routines and healthy eating content has gone viral, gaining hundreds of thousands of followers on social media.

In this not-so-fatherly talk, Steve and I discuss:

  • How Steve discovered weightlifting and the way it changed his life, giving him the confidence to be assertive and build leadership skills.
  • We then discuss the fact that, while perseverance and hard work are essential for success, to start, it is important to take on small changes that can be easily sustained until they become automatic.
  • We also discuss why it is also necessary to have a big enough reason or goal in order to stay motivated and keep going even when the results don’t show right away.
  • We end our conversation talking about how anyone can improve their health by following basic guidelines on dieting and working out regularly.

Whether you’re a seasoned gym-goer or a dad starting out on your fitness journey, this episode is packed with valuable insights,  motivation and tips that will inspire you to push harder, train smarter, and unlock your full potential.

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