If you want to lead… learn to follow

Have you ever thought that the greatest of high achievers aren’t those with a superpower to lead? We’re often told that the key to being a respected leader is standing out and doing something different. But research shows that the key to reaching new heights is having the humbleness to follow.

Most people want the spotlight and forget that finding a team with whom they can work together is just as essential for their goals. It seems even those who proclaim themselves ‘leaders’ have trouble developing an audience behind them, an obstacle in achieving true success. 

Those who’ve achieved real accomplishments know that collaborative effort is what got them there, and it’s not always the follower who reaps the rewards! While it may not feel as prestigious to stay in the shadows of your group, proactively leading from below has its own benefits.

In today’s world, we’re so obsessed with those at the top of their field we forget how invaluable those behindthescenes truly are to getting things done. Don’t be afraid to see the value of following; Being someone others can relate with inspires them to follow in your footsteps!

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