TIL 004 – How to use PERMA in your life to achieve greater happiness? With Mohit Mukherjee

For this episode, I sat down with Mohit Mukherjee, the founder and director of the Center for Executive Education at the University for Peace in Costa Rica. Mohit shares his insights on positive psychology, the key traits of happy people, and how you can cultivate more joy in your own life – without spending a dime. 

In this joyful conversation, Mo and I discuss:

  • The types of courses offered at the University for peace such as leadership, making and measuring social impact, fundraising, and building teams.
  • Mohit then shares his realization that there was something missing from these courses – inner peace work – which he believes is equally important when it comes to having a positive impact on the world around us.
  • He then discusses the Global Happiness Summit, which he’s hosted for 4 years, to discuss topics such as maximizing happiness, connecting with people, finding meaning in life’s work and engaging with one’s strengths.
  • Mohit also offers to listeners the PERMA model of positive psychology and how it does not require any financial investment.
  • Finally, Mohit shares his insights on the happiest people he knows as well as his formula for his own life.

I was truly inspired by Mohit’s words and how he leads a life informed by positive psychology and mindful living. I hope this episode will do the same for you!

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