achieve your fitness goals

POV: You’re achieving your fitness goals

Change is something that is constant in everyone’s life. It happens cataclysmically (e.g. losing a job, birth of a new child, winning a lottery) and glacially (e.g. losing weight, learning a new skill, etc.)

I was reflecting on this in the gym today as I realized, over the past year, I’ve gone from doing a bench press with 25s on each side, to having 42.5 on each side.

It made me feel super good, but also was a great reminder about the importance of vision, goals and consistency in practice.

Without a vision, you don’t know where you’re going. Without high quality measurable goals, you can’t execute on a strategy to achieve your vision. And without consistency in practice (or habits) goals aren’t realized. I’m achieving my fitness goals and feeling 28 at 48 by being consistent.

This is your sign, as we look at the beginning of a new year, to get clear about what you want and find a community to help you get there.

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