Is fasting right for you

Is Fasting Right For You?

I don’t know about you, but it seems like every 3rd person I talk to is fasting in one form or another: 8 hour, 12 hour, off days… there’s a million options. But the question is: does it really make a difference in our health?

Here’s the truth: (scientific voice – “a-hem”) Multiple studies have shown that long-term calorie restriction can reduce metabolic function and slow the cellular aging process.

But get this: these studies were done with rats!

Human trials have been limited up till now. To be sure, however, in 2019, The Lancet published a study that showed people who reduce calorie intake by 12 percent had results that included lower blood pressure and cholesterol, increased insulin sensitivity and lower inflammation. But… this study only covered 238 people over two years. So… the jury is definitely still out on the long term benefits.

Unless this is a serious focus for you, here’s your best bet: Don’t fast, and don’t go on crash diets. Instead, eliminate all of the junk calories you eat and make healthier food choices like fruits and vegetables.

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