life of your dreams vision

Are you living the life you’ve envisioned?

Let me ask you this: when you started your day today, and you got out the door and started moving, did you have a clear idea of where you were going?

And, I’m not talking about a clear idea about how to get to work, or get the kids to school, or show up at the gym. I mean, the direction of your life.

So many of the people I connect with in my community talk to me about their desire to have a different life than the one they’re currently living. Yet, I also find that most of these people don’t have a clear picture about what that different life might be.

As a critical piece in your freedom foundation, a vision for what you want is essential. Being able to describe your future in a way that you can see, taste, smell and feel where you want to go is one of those factors that differentiate between those that achieve and those that don’t.

If you haven’t already, I encourage you to block time this week to write down your vision for the future. Be as specific as you possibly can about every aspect. Then save that description in a place you can easily access. Reviewing it on a regular basis will make sure you stay on track to achieving it.

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