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How to achieve your New Year’s goals

Every New Year, people make the same lofty resolutions with such ambition that they almost sound like dreams instead of objectives. It’s innocent enough; after all, it’s exciting to think of the distinct version of ourselves we’ll become if these promises come true.

The issue is that our ambitious goals often don’t pan out because we’re so focused on the dream-like state of complete transformation, we forget to break them down into manageable tasks. Without concrete steps to reach a resolution and maintain it in the long run, our good intentions tend to fizzle out quickly — setting us up for another round of unmet resolutions come next January 1st.

I understand the frustrations of not being able to maintain your resolutions when they feel so distant and unfinished – and I’d like to help. I’ve created an exceedingly easy to use goal creation and tracking spreadsheet that you can use (for free!) to create the life of your dreams.

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