what type of friends do you actually need

Friend Types You Actually Need

What Type Of Friends Do You Actually Need?

Squad goals? Forget ’em.

We’re ditching the friend-collection mentality and asking the real question: who actually fuels your soul? Because let’s be honest, some friendships drain you more than a bottomless mimosa brunch.

Friendship isn’t about numbers, it’s about connections. So, stop chasing the “perfect friend group” and build a tribe that lifts you up, not weighs you down.

Here’s a quick, three bucket, cheat sheet:

  1. The Growth Booster: Befriend the cheerleader who celebrates your wins and pushes you towards your dreams. This person elevates your game, not your gossip quota.
  2. The Empathy Echo: Seek out the shoulder to cry on, the one who listens without judgment and holds space for your vulnerabilities. True friends mirror your emotions, not your highlight reel.
  3. The Adventure Buddy: Life’s not meant to be lived solo. Grab the one who’s down for spontaneous hikes, wild nights out, and anything in between. Shared experiences weave threads of joy and memories into your tapestry of life.

So, are you filtering your friendships for growth, empathy, and adventure? Ready to build a tribe that ignites your spirit?

Join me now for more insights on cultivating deep, meaningful connections. Let’s rewrite the script on friendship, together!

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