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Are you cheating on your future self?

Bedtime procrastination is a particularly damaging habit, as it can lead to poorer physical and mental health outcomes. Not only can it interfere with our daily lives, but it can also lead to long-term consequences. For example, not getting adequate rest can increase the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and even depression.

Unfortunately, many people don’t recognize the dangers associated with bedtime procrastination or the impact it can have on their future selves. We often believe that we’ll be able to catch up on sleep later or that tomorrow will be better; however, this is a false belief. The truth is that when we delay going to bed night after night, we are creating a deficit in our overall sleep quantity and quality. This means that we will start accumulating a “sleep debt” which can have serious implications for our health and wellbeing down the line.

The key to avoiding bedtime procrastination is to focus on our future selves. We need to remember that if we want to stay healthy and productive in the long term, then it’s important to prioritize restful sleep now. It’s all about making sure that today’s decisions don’t negatively affect tomorrow’s results. We need to train ourselves to think ahead instead of just in the moment.

It’s also helpful to consider how specific activities may be delaying us from getting into bed at a reasonable hour each night. Making conscious choices about what activities you engage in before bed and setting specific limits for yourself – such as no device usage within an hour of your desired bedtime.
So rather than letting yourself fall victim to unhealthy habits like bedtime procrastination, take control of your life today so that you can reap the rewards tomorrow!

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