TIL 001 – Spirituality and Learning To Unlearn with Pradeep Susarla

In this episode I am joined by Pradeep Susarla, a spiritual coach and guide who helps people unlock their true potential by dissolving fear and judgment.

In this episode Pradeep and I discuss:

  • How coaching helps people with structure and perspectives that they might otherwise struggle to find, and that there isn’t really an end to the coaching process, (But this isn’t a bad thing – because life is always full of new challenges and opportunities for growth and improvement.
  • Why Pradeep recommends staying open-minded and exploring life on your own terms as the best way to find answers.
  • Pradeep’s suggestion for reading ‘The Alchemist’ as a good starting point for anyone just beginning their journey.

I expect this conversation will leave you with a renewed sense of possibility for today and the future!

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