giving back

The unexpected path to true freedom

Achieving true freedom in life isn’t just about acquiring things, money or control over one’s time. It also involves having the power to give back and make a positive impact on others’ lives! When we focus on helping each other grow and succeed, not only do our own opportunities open up – but it offers us an incredible feeling of fulfillment that no amount of stuff can match.

We often think to give in terms of material wealth: giving away things or donating money. But there is something more precious that we can all offer; our time. We could volunteer as classroom helpers and coaches, teach somebody a new skill or get hands-on with helping out those who need it most, by providing ourselves rather than just what we have! Investing some invaluable quality time into making an impactful difference proves to yourself just how capable you are.

Make this week the one where “giving back” is more than a phrase: find ways for both YOU and those around you (whether it be family, friends etc) to support others; watch as feeling liberated and lifted up takes on an entirely new meaning!

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