Get over the holiday blues

How to get over the holiday blues

We’re already deep in the last month of the year. I’m guessing that you’re probably knee deep in holiday activities, end of year commitments, and (hopefully) good cheer. It seems like no matter what we do, this general chaos is impossible to avoid.

But it’s also a time where it is easy to find ourselves drifting into a darker place because of those same activities and commitments. There are a lot of pressures that come with this time of year around family and finances.

Here’s a sure fire way to make sure that your able to stay light and positive:

First, I want you to schedule two blocks of time on your calendar. Make them two weeks apart. Pick a time were you know that you wont be distracted for a least an hour.

Next, During the first block of time, drift back over the year and write down all of your top moments for the year. Don’t leave anything out – nothing is too small! And, allow yourself to really enjoy this process of reflection.

Finally, During the 2nd block of time, pull that list you created out again, and then share these memories with the people who you experienced them with. Individually let them know how special these times where for you.

I guarantee both of these quick exercises will deepen and brighten this time of year for you.

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