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I would LOVE to have you as an expert guest on The Project Podcast.

Stephen Ladek

You're an expert at what you do…

… and I reached out because I’d love for you to be an expert guest on my podcast – This Is Ladek.

The show’s purpose is to curate definitive information from experts – LIKE YOU – about how my listeners can lead lives characterized by fitness, fulfillment and freedom.

I'd like to interview you

I’d like to interview you about your area of expertise across 4 broad questions:

  1. First, what qualities or characteristics should an individual seek to have in their life to achieve the most basic, standard or minimum bar in your area of practice? (For example: in the area of physical fitness, things like getting consistent sleep and staying active during the day)
  2. Second, what would an individual need to do to achieve a level of “high performance” in this area? (For example, shifting from staying active during the day to focused strength training)
  3. Third, what are one or two characteristics that you’d expect to see in someone who is truly “elite” in this area? (For example, knowledge about and use of intermittent fasting)
  4. Finally, in your experience, what are the few “go to” elements, qualities, or practices that you personally rely upon to be successful in this area? (said another way, how might my listeners model you and your success?)

Interview Format & Prep

The format of the show is a casual coffee conversation over about a half an hour. I record both audio and video, so that we can reach audiences across all platforms.

We will connect via Zoom for the interview and there is nothing to prepare on your end, because you’re already an expert in your field. That’s all we need for a great conversation!

Why Ladek?

I’ve interviewed more than 500 people around the world for podcasts, online summits and other virtual events. I can promise you that we will have a fun and dynamic conversation that will result in a final product that you’ll be proud of and, most importantly, interested in sharing with your audience. 

Examples of the show:

Here are a view examples of recent guests on the show (click to view/listen):

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